Embracing hybrid cloud with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

OCI is an enterprise cloud that delivers a set of platform cloud services, including powerful compute, storage and networking capabilities optimized for Oracle applications. If you’re an existing Oracle client, moving to OCI can help you get the most from your investment in Oracle applications.

If you’re wondering what differentiates OCI from other clouds, here are key benefits OCI delivers.

OCI infrastructure and services were built from the ground up to perform better, so you get all the functionality and performance you had in your data center but at the speed of cloud. High-performance computing — built into the core of OCI — helps drive advanced analytics capabilities.OCI can immediately help organizations realize cost savings in the cloud with an aggressive, predictable pricing model.Oracle has a deep understanding of mission-critical applications and databases for enterprise clients, with more than 40 years of experience delivering essential software to help large companies succeed.Enterprise-grade security is built into OCI, with layers of defense to protect organizations’ data and applications. The embedded security capabilities in OCI can unburden your IT teams to focus on innovation.OCI has an unwavering commitment to open standards to support your business’s hybrid cloud strategy. Oracle actively contributes to and supports numerous open-source technologies and communities.Especially if you’re already running Oracle applications, OCI just makes sense.

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